Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pictures of the Hughes family

Here are some pictures that I recently found of who we believe are Morris Hughes and Mary Gray - my grandfather's great-grandparents. Morris was born in February 1856 in Bilston, Staffs and married Mary Gray in October 1881 in Castleford. Mary was born in Cawood, near York in 1862. I had previously believed that Morris and Mary had had 9 children (David, Jane, Mary Ellen, Charles, Morris, Harriett, Elizabeth, Laura, and another Morris). This information was gleaned mainly from census records, with the last one available being the 1901 (where Morris was aged 1). Recently, however, a relative has been in touch to let me know that her grandmother was an even younger daughter of Morris Hughes and Mary Gray - Eveline who was born in 1903. My great-great-grandfather was David, who was the eldest child.

I don't know when or where these pictures were taken, but they appear to be taken at least after 1906 as Morris seems to be at least 50.

Here is a picture of my grandfather's grandfather David Hughes who was born in 1882 in Whitwood. Here he is in his WW1 uniform. He was in the KOYLI (King's Own Light Infantryman) regiment.