Sunday, October 29, 2006

My great-grandparents (Read this one first)

Thomas Curley - his mother, his father.
Mary Driscoll - her mother, her father.

Thomas Green - his mother, his father.
Mary Jane Phipps - her mother, her father.

David Hughes - his mother, his father
Elsie Wilkes - her mother, her father.

Harold Wright - his mother, him/his father.
Catherine Annie Hughes - her mother, her father.

A blog such as this is not the ideal website format to store and present genealogy and family history information. However, as I am not particularly computer-savvy it is going to have to suffice in the short-term. Nevertheless, it does have some advantages over other family history websites which just describe family trees and details of individuals. I hope to be able to describe using this blog 'how' I found out this information, something which may be of interest to other family historians. Also, it enables readers to easily post comments, which I hope you do.

Also you may like to see this entry, which describes why I started doing family history in the first place.

Click on the names of each great-grandparents' parents above to find out more about their families. From each page you should be able to get back to this page or go on to find out more about their ancestors.

Alternatively, click on each surname in the sidebar to find all posts relevant for that family.


Anonymous said...

Hi I read your site with interest. I have been tracing my tree for a while, the family name is Sibson and they lived/died in Crosscanonby for hundreads of years. Your info does not mention Sibson but it is quite detailed and I would be very grateful if you could point me in the in the direction of where you got your resorses.
Many thanks

Jackie Carrier said...

Hi My name is Jacqueline Carrier (Nee Wilkes). I have just started tracing my ancestors and realise that we are distantly related. My great grandfather was Samuel Wilkes b.1852 and my great grandmother was Susannah Baggot b. 1850. My great uncle - Albert Wilkes was the man who played for the Villa and his brother William was my grandad. William had a son Dennis Wilkes who was my father. Dennis was born in May 1924 and had 6 sisters and one brother.