Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thomas Green - 1911 census

Here is the census image for my grandmother Mary Jane Green's parents and her older siblings.

Her father is Thomas Green and her mother Mary Jane (nee Phipps). The census confirms that they were married in 1896 but also reveals that Mary Jane has had 7 children of which only four have survived - Wilfrid (who seems to go by the name Frank according to this census), Ethel Lavinia (whose middle name is the same as Mary Jane's youngest sister Lavinia Phipps), Norman and Dora. Therefore 3 of her children must have already died in infancy.

I believe that Thomas Green may have been married once before Mary Jane and had a daughter Elizabeth with this previous wife. I presume that this first wife died, but I do not yet have the full information.

My grandmother doesn't appear in this census as she was born in May 1911 whereas this census was taken in April 1911.

All of Thomas & Mary Jane's children were born at Watling St., Brownhills where they are currently living in a place known as "Thacker's buildings" which has four rooms. The other information matches that from previous censuses with Thomas being a coal miner and having been born in Wellington, Shropshire whereas Mary Jane was born in Coseley, Staffs.