Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Posts Soon!

I shall be posting more new entries onto my blog soon. After getting through a terrific amount of material in the first few months, I've had to take a step back as I've been busy with other things. Nevertheless, I feel as if I'm still only about half way through all my old unpublished research material - and I've actually got even more new research to put out there - including some work on North American and European genealogy. Thanks to everyone who is visiting in the meantime, I'm still receiving a large amount of traffic. One of the great things about genealogy blogsites is that the material will always be available to anyone who is interested. Hopefully, I shall start posting some more stuff in a couple of weeks. One I recommence, they will probably come thick and fast! Best wishes, James.


Anonymous said...

Hey James,

You two should definitely stop in at my place in Montreal in August. I can even give you the keys if I leave town. August is tennis month!


Anonymous said...


My ancestors are also Hughes from Chirbury Parish. Maurice and Jane are common family names. When my Grandmother (Annie Hughes) was born in 1891 the Welsh/English border was constantly being moved so the family home was sometimes listed as in England, sometimes in Wales. Perhaps your Morris Hughes is related to our branch of the family. email me at for more info.

"Given the unusualness of the name Morris Hughes, this appears to be the right Morris Hughes. Morris is 80 years old in this census and is described as 'not able to work'. It is stated that he was born in Montgomeryshire in Cherbury - but Cherbury is actually just inside England rather than Wales."