Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wilkes family in Castleford

I have previously researched the history of my Wilkes ancestors back to around 1800 in West Bromwich. I have yet to fill in some gaps in what happened to my more recent Wilkes ancestry - in the pedigree shown I've added in the extra information I've acquired recently in red.

According to the 1901 & 1911 census, John Thomas Wilkes and his wife Eliza Beatrice Wilkes had three children (John Thomas, Pollie and Elsie) in West Bromwich before moving to 5 Grafton Street, Glasshoughton (Castleford) between 1907 and 1911. They had a second son, Albert, in 1912 born in Castleford although I have yet to get the birth certificate. Albert was the only son to survive infancy.

It appears that John Thomas Wilkes died aged 39 in Castleford in late 1916 as I have found a death record for this event though I have yet to get the certificate. Eliza Beatrice Wilkes remarried a John White in early 1919 - I knew she remarried a White as my grandfather remembers Eliza Beatrice as being called 'Granny White'. I don't know yet what happened to Eliza Beatrice and John White after this time.

Of the three surviving children, Elsie Wilkes who is my great-grandmother married David Hughes and moved to York. I do not know very much about Albert Wilkes and his family though there is a family story that while he was young Albert saved some boys from drowning in a lake or brick pond. It will be interesting to search local newspapers to see what happened. I'd also like to find out more about Albert Wilkes' life.

I know more about Pollie Wilkes as I have a copy of both her birth and marriage certificates. The birth certificate (born 4th May 1902, West Brom) is not one that contains any family information, so I think it was not the official birth cerificate but simply a register of a birth certificate entry (it is a copy obtained in 1971 for what reason I don't know).

The marriage certificate is interesting and shows that she married a William Haigh, a miner, son of Amos Haigh, a miner, on the 26th March 1921. The witnesses are Harry Haigh and Lena Crosswaite. The Haighs live at 25 Temple Street Castleford and Polly Wilkes at 65 Grafton Street - presumably with her mother Eliza Beatrice and step-father John White.

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