Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Benson Family of Acomb

It has been a long time since I have had any free time to pursue family history. I started researching over 10 years ago before so much genealogical material came available online. If I was to start now, I could have done nearly all the work in a fraction of the time it took! Ironically, the information that I have yet to unearth regarding my family is still (hopefully) contained in libraries and archives. Unfortunately I do not have the time to visit them - I also happen to live on a different continent to those repositories.

Nevertheless, I do possess a lot of notes and findings that I have yet to publish on this website. I have been very slow to do this as other things keep getting in the way, but I am hoping over the next few weeks to start putting more on this website. This should help me organize my thoughts and material, and also allow others to read it.

I am going to start with the Benson family of Acomb. In previous posts on this website my writing style was to discuss how I went about finding the material related to each ancestor. However, since some of this stuff was collected 12 years ago - I have no idea how I came across some of it. Perhaps writing it up will jog my memory!

I am descended from my 3xgreat-grandfather James Wright who was born in York, Yorkshire, in 1836. He married Mary Benson in 1861 also in York at St. Olave's Church, Marygate. Here is the wedding announcement in the Yorkshire Gazette of 1861:

The next few posts will detail more about the Benson family who have quite extensive connections with Acomb, and led me to learn much more about early 19C and 18C rural English social history.

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