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Hughes, Carr, Padley, Young - Northumberland

Catherine Annie Hughes
The above image shows the family tree of Catherine Annie Hughes (known as Kate) - my mother's mother's mother, who was born in 1897 in Walker, Northumberland.
I will post more above on what I know of this family at a later juncture, but first here is the outline of the names and dates of the family:

I think it may be useful for people to know how I found out this information. I have done relatively little on this branch of the family. My starting point was finding Catherine Annie Hughes in the 1901 cenus online ( I knew about Catherine from family, she died around 1975 a couple of years before I was born. We knew she was from the North-East of England and that her family may have been Methodists.

1901 Census image:

I found 'Kate' Hughes aged 4 living at 9 Athol St, Whick
ham, County Durham with father John William and Margaret Ann Hughes. This census return does not have Catherine's middle name, but refers to her by her familiar name. Her brothers are Mathew and Zachariah, which fit with the religious family. Her mother's younger sister, Mary Carr, is also at the house at this time.

I then got the birth certificate of Catherine Annie, confirming her birthdate and place, and the marriage certificate of her parents. It appears that John William Hughes' father died early as he was deceased by the time of his marriage. JW Hughes also appears not to know where he was born. JW Hughes spent his life moving around the Northeast as a coal miner hewer (picking at the the pit face).

I then used census returns back to 1841 to piece the maternal lines back. All of the information here is using that method. I was able to find Margaret Ann Carr's family from her marriage certificate.

Below is a summary of the female members of the family (click on the links to find out how I found out these relationships):

I have established that Catherine's mother was Margaret Ann Carr, who was born in Crosby or Maryport, Cumberland in 1872 to Matthew Carr and Anne Padley. Indeed, I have found an IGI baptismal entry for 16 Dec 1871 for Crosscanonby (i.e. Crosby) for a Margaret Ann Carr born to Matthew and Ann Carr - The church of Crosscanonby (St.John the Evangelist) is shown in the picture - The village is the site of historic saltpans and an old Roman settlement.

Following the female line, Anne Padley was born in 1854 in
Sherburn Hill (or Hetton or Moorsley or Rainton) in County Durham to Joseph Padley and Ann Young. Ann was born in 1824 in Wapping? (or Longbenton) in Northumberland. I do not know her father, but her mother was also called Ann and born in 1796 in Newcastle.

1851 Census, Haswell, County Durham
Showing 'Ann Young' - mother-in-law to Joseph Padly

As someone who is very interested in 'maternal effects', it is very pleasing
to have got some good information about my maternal lines - upto my 5xgreat-grandmother. I have not yet visited these areas, but would hope to in the future.

Also, it is interesting to see that the name "Ann" in its various forms has been passed from mother to daughter for 7 generations, just skipping my grandmother:

1)Ann ?, 2)Ann Young, 3)Ann Padley, 4)Margaret Ann Carr, 5)Catherine Annie Hughes, 6)Doreen Wright, 7)Doreen Elsie Anne Hughes - my mother

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