Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zachariah Hughes

Catherine Annie Hughes' (my gt grandmother) father was John William Hughes born somewhere in the North East in about 1872. I know his father was called Zachariah Hughes, as it is mentioned on his marriage certificate in 1895. However, by this time Zachariah is deceased. It is possible that he died quite early on in John William's life as JW Hughes does not appear to know his birthplace.

I have not managed to find JW Hughes in the 1881 or 1891 census (the name is far too common to isolate the correct entry). I have also not managed yet to find the birth/marriage/death certificates related to Zachariah. Since the name is unusual, I would have thought it might be quite easy to locate Zachariah, but so far it has not been possible.

JW Hughes was a coal hewer, and it is likely that his father was also. Given the use of the name Zachariah, and the family oral tradition, it is also possible that this family was involved in Methodism.

Finally, I have a photo of JW Hughes' younger brother Zachariah Hughes. We think that he served during WW1, so it will be interesting to get his army details

See here for an update on this research

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