Monday, January 22, 2007

Wedding Pictures!

A Garbutt Wedding - 1907

This image is a scan from a photocopy of the original photograph - I'm sorry it is poor in quality, I hope that I will be able to scan the original directly one day to improve the detail.

This is a wedding photograph taken at a church in Castleford, West Yorkshire in 1907. Although "Redhill Church" is written on the picture, I think the church is All Saints which is near to Redhill Road. From the scribbled notes written around the edges and on the back of the picture, the groom is Joseph Garbutt and the bride is Elizabeth Ann Day. Joseph Garbutt was the younger brother of my 2xgreat-grandmother Mary Garbutt. The image contains a large number of the Garbutt family and the Hughes family, as Mary Garbutt married David Hughes. I shall be discussing the Hughes family in several forthcoming posts. I have previously described the difficulties I have had in tracing the mother and grandmother of Mary Garbutt. I have recently obtained some marriage certificates that have helped enormously with this and will post about them next. The image below is a schematic of what is known about who is who in the picture. As I describe each individual's genealogy, I shall try and blow up their pictures. For now, however, I shall just point out my 3xgreat-grandmother, the mother of the groom - Charlotte Garbutt - she is the third person from the left on the second row from the back. Also, my 2xgreat-grandmother Mary Garbutt is immediately to Charlotte's left. I shall be descrbing what I have recently learned about her in the next post.

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