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The Garbutt family - how writing on pictures can be very useful!

My grandfather, David Hughes, was born in Castleford in the West-Riding of Yorkshire, as was his father, also called David Hughes (b.1905, Castleford). His father (my g-g-grandfather) was also called David Hughes and was born in Whitwood, Yorkshire. I know a great deal about his family, but relatively little about his wife, Mary Garbutt.

What did we know initially about the Garbutt family?
What I knew initially was that David Hughes (b1882) married Mary Garbutt and had three children - David (b.1905), Mary (b.1907) and Joe (b1909). Mary Garbutt died in childbirth, or soon after, with Joe. Joe Hughes married Amy Walsh - see this post for more information about her very interesting life - and here for information on the ancestors of Mary Garbutt.

Information from family members suggests that Mary might have had a brother, Joe, and that her father may also be called Joe Garbutt. However, the real brekthrough came when my Great-Uncle Jack showed me a picture of a wedding in Castleford featuring about 20 family members that he had in his possession. I will post an image of this photo here when I am able to scan it. This photo featured members of both the Garbutt and Hughes families - and had a few names written on the back. I will write more about the Hughes names in a later post.

The picture was of a wedding between Joseph Garbutt and Elizabeth Ann Day.

Some of the Garbutt names were - Mary Garbutt, Charlotte Garbutt, Ernest Garbutt.

Knowing this enabled me to find out more from the 1891 & 1901 censuses:

In the 1901 census of 4 Pottery Lane, All Saints, Whitwood, I found Joseph and Charlotte Garbutt with their children Joseph, Ernest, Gertrude and Jane. Whitwood is within the ancient parish of Featherstone and about 3 miles from Castleford and Whitwood. Knowing that the elder child were born in Castleford, I searched the 1891 census and found the family living at 57 Fords Row, Whitwood. This confirmed that Mary Garbutt also was their daughter and told me that she had the middle initial 'A'. They are living with a Mary Pascoe, who was born in Knottingley like Charlotte, is the parent of either Joseph or Charlotte - though the census enumerator also seems confused - see here for information about Mary Pascoe. I was then able to find Mary Garbutt in the 1901 census. She was working as a cook in a household in St. Phillips, Whitwood, belonging to a Hannah Lacey. In both 1891 and 1901 Joseph was a coal miner - it is likely that he came to Yorkshire like a lot of those who were born in Staffordshire to work in the coal mines.

Most of the information found here matched the names on the family photo (Charlotte and Ernest Garbutt being unique among census entries to this family), and the information supplied by family. What was new to me was that the Garbutt family came from Staffordshire - Joseph Garbutt was born in Brockmore, Staffordshire. I had expected that the Garbutts would be a Yorkshire family as other Garbutts down my maternal grandmother's line had been from the North Riding of Yorkshire.

This data also needs to be corroborated though with certificates and parish records which I aim to get imminently - particularly:

Marriage of Mary Ann Garbutt & David Hughes - Mar 1904 Pontefract, 9c, 164.
Birth & Death certificates of Mary Ann Hughes (nee Garbutt) - cannot find!

Marriage of Joseph Garbutt & Charlotte Ann Schofield - Dec 1881 Pontefract, 9c, 144 - (probably the marriage of Joseph and Charlotte).
see here for an update

I have not yet managed to find out much more about the Garbutt family. However, looking at some of the material available online about Whitwood, I notice one page that lists a memorial to an E.Garbutt who died in WW1. I wonder if this may be the Ernest Garbutt who was Mary's brother and who was pictured on the wedding photograph my Uncle Jack showed me?

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