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Baggott - 1100-1850

The grandmother of my great-grandmother Elsie Wilkes was Susannah Baggott, born 1851 to Elijah Baggott and Jane Baggott (nee White). This page concentrates on the Baggott story. I was able to pull together a lot of information about Elijah Baggott myself from online records. However, another researcher, Peter Morgalla has done an awful lot of work on this family before me. Using the IGI, census, other records and a family bible, he has been able to trace the Baggott family back to the 11th Century. I shall initially concentrate on Elijah Baggott and what I was able to find out, and will conclude with Peter's research which is freely available to view on the web starting with this record here. I am very grateful that Peter made this information available online.

Click here for information about Elijah's wife Jane White and her family.

The life and family of Elijah Baggott
I had obtained this information from marriage certificates after finding that she had married Samuel Wilkes and was the mother to John Thomas Wilkes, Elsie's father.

I was able to find Elijah Baggott, a brickmaker, with his family in the 1861 census, living at Pots Lane,

In 1871, Elijah is living at Piercy St., West Bromwich. Elijah and Susannah are both working as labourers in the brickyards.

What can be seen from this census is that Elijah and his wife Jane Baggott, had at least 8 children together, but 2 of them (Elijah and Martha) do not seem to have survived infancy.

Another interesting feature of this census is that despite being a brickmaker, Elijah and Jane Baggott appear to have moved around a lot. Indeed, one of the children was born in Wales. It is interesting to speculate why they may have been in Wales at this time, but whatever it only appears to have been a short stay as they were back in the Black Country a year later.

I have been unable to locate Elijah in the 1881 census, however, in 1891 he is living with his son John in Baker St. Both father and son are working as brick burners. He is still here in 1901.

1891 Census:

Having gone forward in time, I was also able to go back to 1851 and find Elijah Baggott with his wife Jane, living in Oldbury Lane, West Bromwich and working as a 'labourer in a brickyard'. I was also able to see from this census, that Elijah had been married before, as he had a daughter Elizabeth born in 1842/3 who would be too old to be Jane's daughter. I was also able to see that Elijah's father was Aaron Baggott, born around 1773 and his mother, Mary Baggott, born around 1879, both in Darlaston. They were lodging with him at the time of this census.

I also managed to find Elijah Baggott living with his parents in Lambeth End, West Bromwich in 1841. Both father and son are called brickmakers. (I'm afraid that this census image is very faint):

Earlier Work on the Baggott Family
As I mentioned, Peter Morgalla had completed a terrific amount of work on this family before me. This can be followed by following this Rootsweb link for Elijah Baggott. In short, Peter has been able to trace back the Baggott line back to Bagot de Arras in the 11th Century. Rather than replicate the work here, I thought I would simply state the direct line of males back to this original Baggott. All the connecting and side branches are also very interesting, but I shall deal with them in the future.

Elijah Baggott b. 9/11/1817 Darlaston, Staffs.
Aaron Baggott b. 2/12/1776 Darlaston, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 1741 Darlaston, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 9/9/1704 Darlaston, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 1671
Darlaston, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 1649 Darlaston, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 1610 Darlaston, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 24
/11/1580 Darlaston, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 1550 Alvchurch, Worcs.
Guye Baggott b.? ?
Sir Lewis Baggott b. 1460 Blithfield, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 1427
Blithfield, Staffs.
Richard Baggott
b. 1396 Blithfield, Staffs.
Sir John Baggott
b. 1364 Blithfield/Littlehay, Staffs.
Ralph Baggott b.1340 Bromley, Staffs.
John Baggott b. 1314 Bromley, Staffs.
John Baggott b.1289 Bromley, Staffs.
Sir William Baggot b.1258 Bromley, Staffs.
Richard Baggott b.1227 Bromley, Staffs.
Sir Hugh Baggott b. 1196 Bromley, Staffs.
Simon Baggott b. 1150 Bromley, Staffs.
William Baggott b. 1130 Bramelle, Staffs.
Harvey Fitz Baggott b. 1086 Bromley, Staffs.
Baggott de Arras b.? ?.

By going to the Rootsweb pages, you will be able to find out a lot more about the individuals above, many of whom achieved great things. The Baggott family is quite remarkable for the numbers of individuals who remained within the Staffordshire area bearing the Baggott name and who are descended from these individuals. Some branches moved down the social scale, like mine, whilst other climbed still further, like Baron Bagot.

Update (1/Jan/2008) - I have noticed that the links originally placed for the Baggott rootsweb files are no longer working. It is still possible to search for them at the Rootsweb site itself. I also note that in this databse, Elijah Baggott's (b.1817) mother is named as Mary Bailey wife of Aaron Baggott. A useful piece of documentary evidence that I should obtain to link my Elijah Baggott into this database would be his marriage certificate either to Elizabeth Sarah Bevan in 1842 or Jane White in 1851.

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