Friday, November 03, 2006

John Phipps - born 1805

John Phipps, born, Broseley 1805?
According to all the census information I have gathered, Mary Jane Phipps' grandfather was John Phipps born in Broseley, Shropshire. He being the father of Mary Jane's father, James Phipps. Having a look on the IGI online, I found that a John Phipps was baptised in Broseley on 11th Nov 1804:

John Phipps, born to Thos. & Joice Phipps. at St. Leonard's, Broseley.

I am naturally cautious about using the IGI online. I would like to have replicated some of these relationsihps using other records.

Here is more information about Broseley in 1868

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