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The Whites 1800-1850

My grandfather's maternal grandparents were John Thomas Wilkes and Eliza Beatrice Evans. John Thomas Wilkes' mother was Susannah Baggott, whose father was Elijah Baggott, and mother Jane White.

I had found that Susannah's parents were called Elijah and Jane Baggott from the 1851-1871 censuses. I would ordinarily have to apply for the marriage certificate of Elijah and Jane, and the birth certificate of Susannah to follow this line. However, thanks to the work of another researcher, Peter Morgalla, I am able to find out a little about Jane. According to an IGI record, her maiden name was Jane White, and her parents are called George and Hannah White. I need to obtain the marriage certificate of Elijah Baggott and Jane White in 1851 to definitively confirm this.

In the 1851-1871 censuses, Susannah's birthplace varies between Rowley, Staffs and Tividale, Worcs. However, the two places are very close - both are sandwiched in between the triangle of Dudley, Tipton and Oldbury as can be seen from this map:

I was able to find George and Hannah White and family living in 1841 at 'Tividale', Rowley Regis, Staffordshire. George White is described as a boat loader.

In 1851, George White and family are living at Farley St., West Bromwich. George White is a a boatman for a coal mine. George White is described as being born in Oldbury, Staffs, while the other members of family are said to be born in Tividale, Staffs.

In 1861, George and Hannah White and family are living at Cop Hall, West Bromwich, and George White is a miner. George White is said to have been born in Oldbury, Salop, whereas the other children are born in Rowley, Staffs. There is also a Mary A. Baggott, a grand-daughter living here, born in West Bromwich. I presume this must be a second daughter to Elijah and Jane Baggott - who would have been born in 1853, in between Susannah Baggott (my ancestor) and Sarah Baggott.

In 1871, George and Hannah White and family are living in Farley St, West Bromwich, as they were in 1851. Enoch is the only child still living at home, and he and his parents are said to be born in Rowley, Worcs. Mary A. Baggott is still living with her grandparents, and is called a general domestic servant. George White is 66 and is a nightwatchman.

I cannot find George and Hannah White in the 1881 census, so I presume they must have died by this time. Enoch White got married to an Ann Holmes (I believe) by 1873.

See this page, for tenative evidence of George White's baptism and parents.

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